Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Tree

Here's a school story for you. I really could write a book. So today, we had a special visitor. An officer from the CHP (California Highway Patrol), came to visit our classroom, to talk about safety. It was an excellent presentation, and it was FREE. She (the officer) brought her computer, and projector, and showed the kids a video on bike safety, stranger danger and car safety. The kids loved it. As she's packing up, she says to all of us that she has something for us, (picture major excitement at this revelation), but left it in the classroom next door (she did three presentations for our 2nd graders today). She went to get the treat. The kids were guessing what it could be; a bike helmet, a toy...I told them to think smaller, like sticker small, and reminded them to be grateful for whatever she brought. She comes back in with lanyards. The kids were THRILLED. Could they have them? Are there enough? What will we do with the extras? On and on. They were in a jumble so while the kids were working, I pulled them apart and counted them out. I noticed that the lanyards all said, "Designate a sober driver." Hmmm. Then it struck me as really funny. I told my para (I have a student with their own aide) what they said and we had quite a good laugh. I then had to explain to my students what sober meant. Yeah, they need to know that when they are finished with a night of heavy drinking at the bars, they should make sure they have lined up someone to take them home. Hysterical. Oh well, the intention was good, and she did a great job. Fun was had by all.
I made a trip to Anthropologie today. Isn't this girl adorable?
We put the tree up! First, we spread the pieces all over the floor. Next we put the pieces together. Then we (or I) fluffed. Finally we decorated it.

Ta da! For the most part, the boys did a fine job decorating it. I swear it was a marathon decorating job though. They slapped those things on there, motivated to get back to their Night at the Museum 2 movie. I only had to move a few ornaments. They don't get that the branches should hold one ornament, not three.

Word of the Day: Chilly. It was another cold day today, and foggy too. I wore long sleeves, a sweater, and a coat! It's beginning to feel a lot like winter.

*Note: No real trees were cut down, damaged, not watered, or injured during this Christmas decorating moment.

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Melissa Goodsell said...

That little girl decoration from Anthropology is just beautiful!!