Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Fun From Ardenwood Farm

While I was touring the house at Ardenwood yesterday, Kevin took Quinn over to visit Santa Clause. Warning, the following pictures are super cute.
Quinn giving Santa a high five.
Talking to Santa-hoping Quinn's telling him about the Egypt Playmobil set he wants for Christmas.
Look at this one! Quinn got Santa to do his standard pose. So freakin' CUTE!

This is our new elf friend. I love him. We picked him up yesterday at Safeway (of all places), along with our groceries. They have an awesome floral department.

Word of the Day: Home. It was a stay at home in pajamas day today. Love those kinds of days. No scout events, no plans. I cleaned my craft room, worked on the samples for my crafty night, and put up my snowflake tree. The boys played Wii, played in their rooms, and watched iCarly. It was a nice day.

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