Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, guess who stayed home from school again, for the 4th day. Here's a hint, it's the same small boy who will stay home again tomorrow. Yep, Quinn. He coughed so hard all day yesterday, and all night, and did not sleep very well. When he woke up this morning, still coughing, we decided that he should visit the doctor. Mostly we were hoping for some pretty powerful cough medicine. Kevin stayed with him and took him in. Diagnosis: walking pneumonia. Great. Just great. First he had the flu (no doubt the H1N1 strain), and the cough turned into pneumonia. Poor guy. He has lost some weight too-weighing in at 36.5 lbs. He's 7 (almost 8) people! This obviously concerned the doctor. She said he needs to stay home one more day, but should be ok to return to school on Wednesday. If he does not improve by Friday they said something about steroids (but don't let any of those big sports heroes hear about that). They'll be jealous.
For now, we are using his nebulizer (he has some trouble with asthma when he's sick, and he's had pneumonia before) for the albuterol the doctor prescribed. The doctor also prescribed some antibiotics which Quinn promptly gagged on and threw it all up earlier today. Nice.

It wasn't all bad though. On the way to get his prescription filled, his tooth came out! It was just hanging there, as is the other one. This is a much improved look. You can see that his permanent tooth is coming right out, actually both permanent front teeth are poking through. We are hoping the other baby tooth comes out soon, and Quinn is hoping for $1,000 from his toothfairy. Wishful thinking. His toothfairy may be able to swing $5.

Word of the Day: Substitute. I will have another one tomorrow, and this one is a crap shoot. I didn't catch the name. It wasn't the name I had requested. It's not anyone I know. We'll see what happens. Subs get paid a lot of money for one day's work. Let's hope she can follow my plans. My para is there to help out, luckily. I really hate to have a stranger sub. You never know how things will go.

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