Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey Hey, Hey Hey, It's Your Lucky Day!

Well, it's my lucky day too! I am officially on winter break, and it feels great. I am super tired, and I look forward to resting up, spending time with my boys (school project free too-I think...I hope), and spending time with a new little dog, who will come to live with us tomorrow, and hopefully gain herself a cute name. Quinn's nomination of "Meatball" has been vetoed.

You may be wondering what is up with my sweater, and you may have noticed that I really need some lipstick. Well, it's your lucky day! Finally pictures of my ugly sweater for the ugly Christmas sweater party Kevin and I went to tonight. It's lovely isn't it? It has shoulder pads, and they kept shifting all night, and the sweater kept pulling and choking me. Oh what we women won't do for fashion! My necklace? Oh, that lovely creation was made by my mom, out of real light bulbs. Nice touch huh? I didn't win the contest. The girl who won had a shirt that lit up. It was quite a sight to see-quilted on the top of it, lights all around some funky Xmas picture. Her lights had two settings even-blinking and non-blinking. Truly a work of art. That's ok though, there's always next year!!

Word of the Day: BREAK!

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