Saturday, December 19, 2009


We went to Alameda this afternoon, to pick up our dog. I like the way that sounds. "This is our dog." I like the sound of her little paws on the hardwood too. It's like she was made for here. We named her Maya. We don't know any persons named Maya, and it seemed to suit her, and it's a cute name, and it is two syllables-someone said any more than two and the dog doesn't hear it, or something like that, so we went for it. Plus Kevin said when we are walking her, if someone asks, "is that your dog?" We can say, "yes, it's Maya dog." Get it? When I was in PetSmart this afternoon, the woman behind me at the tag machine said, to someone else, that her dog was named Maya. Weird huh? I thought I was being a little original. Anyway, we already love her! Quinn is particularly smitten with her.
First family photo with Maya, along the water in Alameda.
"Look at me, I'm completely adorable."
Maya already loves this boy. She loves to snuggle next to someone. She's curled up, in a ball, against my leg, even as I type.
"I'm so tired."

It's been a big day for her, well for all of us. I think she will get a bath tomorrow. She doesn't smell all that great.

Word of the Day: Santa. I went to PetSmart this afternoon for some food and a pooper scooper, and while I was making Maya's dog tag, the pet Santa was there, taking pictures with dogs and cats. I heard someone say it was 4:00, so I looked and saw the sign that said the pet Santa photos were finished at 4:00 pm. The next time I looked, the Santa was taking off his hat, beard, and jacket! Right in the middle of the store, RIGHT in front of all those young doggies and kitties!

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She's so cute!!!!!! :)