Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's The Time of the Year For Fun Projects

One more day until two weeks off! It's super exciting. I'm tired. It will be great to rest, putter around the house, spend time with the boys, craft/sew, and play with a dog. Quinn's been happy to be back to school. Now if only we can get caught up on all of the work he missed!
When I picked Quinn up today, he was very excited about his present for his dad and I. He had me open it, in the car. I asked him if he'd like to wait until his father got home, but he insisted I open it. This cute snowman is what I found. So cute! He is very proud of it, and took it out of my hands even before I could get a good look at him. He said he will name the snowman "Chocolate." I love him-the snowman, and the boy.

Riley walked home from school carrying this. His class is "Big Buddies" with a 1st grade class. They got together this week to make gingerbread houses. Riley is quite pleased with the path he made from M&M's. He pointed out every piece of candy that had fallen off on the journey home. The end product is cute though, really cute-the house and the boy! Oh how I love him too. I don't think he plans on eating it, but I could be wrong.

Word of the Day: Packages. I got three today. One was a Christmas gift I ordered for somebody else. One was an ornament, and the last was a gift package from my friend Valerie. I'll share the contents of the last two, tomorrow. Cute, cute stuff!!

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