Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crafty Girls Night

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I was home with Quinn (again), as he was still under the weather. I spent the entire day forcing cough medicine down his throat, cleaning, and making final preparations for my crafty night. I had 8 projects! I didn't even realize until I got all of the stuff out. I set up 8 stations, and once the guests arrived, great crafting began! It was a really fun night!
Here are four projects: Ribbon/button bookmarks, great gift idea if you don't have a Kindle. Snowflake bead ornaments-it was a kit I bought at Michael's. Snowflake/button ornaments. Bling bling rings, made with scrapbook embellishments.
Two big projects here: Little star boxes which we painted, glittered and adorned with buttons. The other project is a wooden ornament, covered with paper, coated in Modge Podge and then a final coat of the Modge Podge Sparkle, and embellished with bling pieces.

The clean projects: Glass ball ornaments filled with rolled paper and tied with a ribbon. Fabric yo yo pins with fabric covered buttons. I'll post pictures of all of the projects tomorrow, when the light is better. We had quite the busy day today, so I wasn't home much in the daylight.

Word of the Day: Dog. Well, we visited the doggie today, Princess Leia, in really miserable weather. We loved her! So sweet! A little energetic, but she's still a puppy. She was happy, loved toys, and licked Quinn's nose. Both boys were quite taken with her-us too. We are trying to adopt her. One of the rescue ladies said they thought someone else was interested. We hope we got our application in before them, as it's a first come first serve system. The lady did say that they hope to adopt Leia out to a family with kids because she's going to make a great pet. We listed her as our first preference, but there was another dog there, a boy, that we were also very interested in. He's 2 years old and seems very mellow. We'll see what happens. Think good dog thoughts for us.

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Mod Podge Amy said...

I LOVE Target too - and Mod Podge! Looks like you had some crafty fun.