Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Great News and My Projects

I got an email this morning from the Smiley Dog Rescue. Princess Leia is ours as soon as we pass the home visit! We are all so excited. When we went out this evening, on some errands for school for the boys, we made a stop at Pet Smart. We purchased some items for the dog, and enrolled her in puppy school! We are hoping to get her this weekend. Pictures soon to follow.
As promised, here are some pictures of the projects from my crafty night. Above, glass ball ornaments filled with rolled paper, tied with ribbon. Really super easy. I bought a package of just cut strips, at Michael's. The strips were meant to be used as paper chain garland, but was perfect for this.
Here are the bookmark, beaded snowflake, star box, yo yo pin, and the snowflake ornament with buttons glued on.
This is the wooden ornament. It is covered (both sides) with scrapbook paper, sanded all around to smooth the edges, and coated in two coats of Modge Podge and one coat of Modge Podge Sparkle, over the top. We adorned those stick on glittery pieces for eyes and other embellishments. There were other shapes as well-houses, trees, gingerbread men, flowers and hearts. I did this same bird ornament for my swap, but I used different paper, and I hung beads from the bottom of the bird.
Some of my guests getting their craft on.

More guests, and I look possessed back there, arms crossed.

Word of the Day: Commercials. I am really loving the Holiday Target commercials, especially the one with the little girl admitting all that she did bad this year, and the dad and mom at the end, shrugging. The best part is the partial playing of "Chestnuts on an open fire..." at the end of the commercial. LOVE those ads! Clever. I do miss the energetic big sale Target lady though.

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