Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brace Yourself, Excitement Included

Oh yeah, nothing but excitement today, cuz that's how I roll...
I went to Target yesterday and purchased this cute plastic tub shelf thing. I needed some place to put all of my math manipulatives at school, where the kids could easily access them. Ta Da!!!
It's cute. I like it. It's very organized. Hoping it will stay this way-this year's class, as sweet as they are, are a bunch of piggies. They make a mess.

A closer look-ooooooh! Aren't you just jealous of my exciting day? If you are loving the cute shelf, Target has it on sale right now, for $37.00. Run and get you one! They have girl colors too. I automatically go for boy colors. Habit. Oh, and not all of my manipulatives fit, but it's a much better arrangement.

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