Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

Riley's party was a success! The boys all had fun. We saw a great movie, and had a yummy dinner. Only one boy ended up staying the night, but they had a lot of fun. It was sweet, because Riley and his friend played-no wait, "hung out" with Quinn all night, and they even let him sleep in the living room with them. They watched Space Balls and went to sleep, and it wasn't that late either! Once Riley's guest was picked up this morning, we planned the rest of our day.
There was sleeping done by Maya. Riley and I went to see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D. Quinn stayed here with Kevin. They took Maya for a walk to our old house. Then Quinn had batting practice, so they took her there as well. That's why she looks so sleepy in the picture. She's had a busy weekend. I'm sure she'll be happy for us all to leave tomorrow, so she can sleep.
After the movie, Riley and I went to Borders and Target, so Riley could spend his birthday money and gift cards. He didn't do too badly huh? We also stopped and got him a haircut. Both boys had haircuts today, and they both look so nice!!

Quinn finished writing his book. It's a step by step book on how to draw a dragon. Dragons are Quinn's drawing choice these days. We are anxiously awaiting the release of How to Train Your Dragon, a new movie from Dreamworks. Quinn will be in dragon heaven.

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