Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guess What? More Baseball!

I know, you are probably already sick of the baseball posts. It's our life until June. Don't worry though, it won't always be about baseball. It's just that it's the beginning of the season. Quinn had a game tonight. It was nail biting. The teams were pretty evenly matched. They battled back and forth, and were tied near the end of the last inning. We were home team, so we got our last at bat, and we scored a run, which was enough to win the game. Whew.
Quinn played catcher. He loves to play catcher. I can't imagine why. That gear looks like it weighs more than he does!
Quinn, rockin' the catcher's outfit.
Quinn's first at bat today. First pitch and...

POW! He hit it! He made it to first base and batted a run in!!! Our first of 6 runs for the game. He struck out his second time at bat. He played first base tonight as well, and did a really good job. He seems to LOVE baseball.

Tomorrow's the day! My allergy skin test. I can't wait! I am going armed with my allergy pills, so the minute they are done, I can have one. Today was better. I stayed home. I was still pretty itchy, but my eyes were better. I certainly hope to come away with a list of things I'm allergic to.

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