Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Bracelet, A Toy, Some Cranes, and Kevin In A ???

I made a bracelet last night. This one is for a friend of Quinn's teacher. I used a mix of new buttons and vintage buttons.
Maya got a new toy today. See how thrilled she is? When she gets a new toy, she picks it up right away, and then takes it to her bed. These rope toys last longer than any plastic toys or plushie toys. She's shredded parts of it, but it's still intact. She likes it.
I bought a whole bunch of these little ceramic cranes at the Japanese Tea Gardens on Sunday. Aren't they cute? I love them.

What is this strange box? What is that weird contraption inside? It appears you put change into it, and...then what? Weird. It's been awhile since we have seen a phone booth. This one is near the Golden Gate Bridge, in case you want to go there and attempt to figure out how it works. Bad news though, it appears you are stuck inside the booth if you want to talk to someone. How vintage!!

It feels weird not to be watching anymore Olympics. It's so strange how they are here, and consume TV viewing, and then...gone. Nothing. Done. I watched The Bachelor all the way through last night, and American Idol tonight.

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