Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Post

We had ourselves a nice little Sunday. I took Quinn to his friend's house this morning so that he could practice with his buds for the talent show. It's going to be really cute! I'm not giving anything away right now. The talent show is April 16. After the practice, Quinn and I went to Target so that I could load up on more allergy meds-I am seriously considering removing my eyes! We came home for awhile then went to my parents' house to make plane reservations. My mom and I are going to Kentucky this summer for my cousin's wedding. When we were finished there, we had dinner at Chevy's for our little league fundraiser night. Pretty exciting.
Riley and his orange, at Chevy's. I tried something new. Some sort of appetizer with shrimp, avocado and their yummy corn stuff! It was pretty tasty, but I wasn't sure how I was supposed to eat it-with chips? With a fork? I mean it was an appetizer, and you share appetizers, so how do you share this mushy dish? Chips didn't work. I used a fork. It was my dinner so I didn't have to share.

Quinn and his chicken, and his vision for our picture.

The dog ate the jet pack from Boba Fett today (Quinn's Galactic Hero), and then threw it all up. Lovely. Oh and the toothfairy completely forgot to visit Riley last night. She must have had a furlough day, so hopefully she will remember him tonight.

Have a great week! It's a short one for me-I have a furlough day on Friday. It's also supposed to rain all week. Bummer.

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