Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Crazy

Well this Monday is coming to an end. I only have to teach 12 more Mondays. I am really looking forward to Spring Break, and then summer, for so many reasons. Top of the list is weather. Today it rained randomly, and it was super cold. It was really strange weather all day. Pouring rain, and then blinding sun, and then hail, and then sun. A full rainbow, sun on the hills and nowhere else, super dark. Weird.
Quinn's team banner arrived today. It's so unbelievably CUTE! I took this picture before it poured rain. We had a little practice game tonight. Quinn got up to bat, and on the first pitch, he hit the ball. They use a pitching machine. He made it to first base, and then was batted in by his team mates. He also played pitcher, and threw an out at home. Way to go Quinn. He's so proud of himself. Of course, they had to have a rain delay after the first at bat, as it poured rain. It passed pretty quickly, and the game resumed. We are all feeling very excited about the first Hot Rods game on Sunday.
Riley had scouts tonight, and they were learning CPR.
This butterfly is a reminder that spring is, slowly, on its way. We made these last week, with tissue paper squares. It takes FOREVER, but it's well worth it in the end. Isn't this one pretty?

Here are some others on the wall.

Maya had a nice Monday. She got a new rope toy which she promptly destroyed. Good fun.

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