Thursday, March 25, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I am a bit obsessed. I've been thinking about a new Blythe. I have my eye on a few, but can't decide which one I want. Well, I think I know, but perhaps you can help. ANNND if you think I'm nuts. Go here and here, or even here, and see that I am not nuts, at least not the only one.
Here's Arden, looking mysterious.
Here's Arden with her new wig. Funky.
Ok, so the next pictures are the dolls I am considering.
Cassiopeia Spice. She's a photography student. Cute.
Punkaholic People. She's like the Joan Jett version of Blythe. Hip.

Or Nostalgic Pop. Look at that jacket!

Well, which one???? Decisions, decisions. This is going to be my Mother's Day present. Just planning ahead. I actually think there are some dolls set to debut next week, so I may have more choices. Ugh!


Anonymous said...

Punkaholic :)

Raquel Rivera Shank said...

I love Cassiopeia Spice! but which one is the most different from the one you already have?

Valerie said...