Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Do you know what stinks? My classroom! Literally. It smelled like skunk ALL day today. Actually the whole wing did. It was really disgusting. I have no idea why it smelled that way, but I am hoping it's gone tomorrow. Weird.
Know what didn't stink? My trip to Target! I went there this afternoon, and look what I finally found! Giant Nerds!! I've been looking for them since Christmas! Target did not have these last week. When I went today, they had a lot more jelly beans than before. They must have just gotten their jelly bean shipment. I bought 4 bags. I sure do love these things!
Look who else loves Nerds! The President of the United States of America wants you to go to Target and get your Nerds!

We weighed things in class today. We had to find things that weighed about the same. We weighed Tiger Woods, and it took 9 various erasers (white board and those pencil top erasers) to equal him. The kids LOVED this. They picked all of the items to compare. Very engaging.

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Teri said...

I am a HUGE Nerds fan. I like the candy, too. hehe