Sunday, March 14, 2010

Even More Baseball!

Day 2 of our baseball weekend. Quinn had his first game today. They lost 5-3, but they all played really well. I was our team's score keeper-my first time ever. It was pretty fun, but a few times it was a little hectic: this kid is going to this base, hit there by this kid, and this kid got out and it was unassisted...once I got it down, it was pretty easy.
That's Quinn on the ground, "warming up?" before the game.
Quinn, at bat. I took this picture from the score box. Quinn got a really good hit off the pitching machine. It got him to first base! He was pretty thrilled. He was bummed that he didn't score a run-three outs were made before he could make it home. I wanted to cheer, but I couldn't, because that is frowned upon in the score keeper's box.
This picture was from yesterday. After the Opening Ceremony, the kids were given cupcakes. Oh you should have seen the running swarm of ball players when that was announced. We all just stayed out of their way.

Here's Riley, in his back seat. It's pretty exciting around here, because tomorrow he is 12, TWELVE I TELL YOU-I just can't believe that. Tomorrow, he is finally allowed to ride in the front seat of the car. He's pretty psyched. Do people say that anymore, "psyched?" If not, I'm bringing it back. I'm going to say it all the time from now on.

This morning I went to a Stella and Dot jewelry party. SUCH pretty stuff!! I LOVE this necklace. Look at those yummy flowers. There's lots of yummy jewelry. I'm gonna order some stuff. Check out my friend, Johanna's site, if you are interested in ordering some stuff.

Oh and hello to my new stalker friend! Nice to meet you.

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Cathy said...

Hello there! Nice to finally meet you! I love your blog by the way!