Friday, March 5, 2010

Wooo Hoooo, It's Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It was the end of the trimester for us at school, so we got out early! I was trying to find my desk, but ended up leaving because the janitor wanted to vacuum, and I couldn't concentrate. I got the house to myself for two hours though! Quinn's practice was cancelled today, so it freed up some time. I picked both boys up at 4, when Riley's chess class ended. We went to Toys R Us to get ideas for Riley's birthday, and so that Quinn could spend his Visa gift card, left over from his birthday. He got Bionicles, Riley showed us some Legos and DS games he likes, and I found this...
Look at all of those yummy iCarly toys!!! What fun!!

I came home with these three, little clip-on toys. Sam, Carly and Freddy. They can go everywhere with me now! I'm going to put them on my school keys (I think). It will give me an "in" with the girls in my class. Nah, they already know how much I love iCarly, so they won't be surprised.

I finished my flower necklace. I shortened it, and I ended up having to glue the smaller flowers to some filigree pieces. I like it.

Arden changed her clothes, and her eyes. She's sporting new boots. I think Arden needs a sister. I love this one, and this one.

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