Friday, March 26, 2010

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

We had that Friday afternoon feeling today, the boys and I. After picking them up, we went to sign up for swimming, and headed home. Suddenly, a's the ICE CREAM man! It's like summer! Quinn was so excited. Both boys grabbed their money, and ran out to flag him down, before he left the court. I of course ran for the camera, because why leave something unphotographed? Why?
Decisions to be made-seems they have a bit of deciding to do as well. I should post a survey to help with my Blythe doll decision.
Score!! Sonic ice cream! Riley got an ice cream sandwich. Oh look, sock feet outside again, and judging by the brilliant white, they are new socks.
Yummy ice cream. Check out Quinn's blue, Sonic ice cream. He ate almost all of it, and his lips are still blue.
And now for the bad news of the evening...

The dog ate my brand new owl. That is what is left of it. It was so freakin' cute. It came in the mail today. A little wooden owl with a sweet, little, painted face. I left the room for a minute, and the owl was on the table, and when I came back...complete obliteration. So annoying. I tell you, I really can't wait for the puppy thing to end.

Oh well, at least it's Friday, and the boys got ice cream, and we have baseball tomorrow, and a free weekend. I'll just have to paint myself a new owl.

I added a poll to the sidebar. Please vote! Pictures of the doll are on the March 25 post.

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