Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Cleaning

Well it's Saturday, and that means....
Baseball! That's Quinn up to bat. He got to bat 4 times in this game, and he hit, and got on base, all four times!! While playing first base, he made an out as well! He's really doing very well this season. It's so fun to see what he does, and his excitement when he hits or makes an out, or gets on base.
We came home from the game and Kevin and Quinn took Maya for a walk. She really loves to take walks. They were gone for quite awhile, so it must have been a good walk.
While Kevin and Quinn were gone, I got into Quinn's room. Do you see this mess? I'm itching (ha-most days literally) to spring clean, and I really don't want to spend my entire spring break doing that, so I started today. I cleaned things out, and reorganized.
And now it looks like this! Much better, except I am missing a lid to one of his Lego tubs. Perhaps it's behind his bed?

All books put away, and the desk area cleaned.

Riley spent the day working on his two projects. He has to write a 5 paragraph essay about nursing, and a 5 paragraph essay about rabies. He has to include pictures with the rabies one, and we have a picture of Cujo all picked out, among others. He still has to finish the rabies essay, but the nursing one is finished. I am so over projects and homework-here, and at my own school. Tired of giving it, tired of checking it in, tired of getting it. Spring Break is on the horizon!!

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