Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a Saturday!

I slept for a long time this morning. I think the week caught up with me. It's ok though, cuz it's Saturday, and we didn't have anything pressing to do today. Riley was still camping, so Kevin and I took Quinn to the Harvest Festival in Pleasanton. It was a bust. Only two buildings, and one of them was really only half full. It certainly was not worth the $8 parking fee or the $16 entrance fee. Poop. I did see a really pretty bracelet, made of vintage buttons, but I left it there. I could not justify her $55 price, when I can make it myself! Holy Cow! Anyway, so here's what we did the rest of the day...

After the disappointment of the Harvest Festival, we headed over to the mall-to visit the Apple store. We drove past this 9/11 display. Tom Burnett, a passenger on Flight 93, was from this area. You can't really see them, but people wrote notes and left them by the sign. There were balloons, and all kinds of flags. It was awesome, to see such a display. His friends and family miss him. Really, I think the whole world misses him and the 3,000 others who gave their lives that horrible day. Oh, and the city of Pleasanton named this street after him. Good move.

So we carried on to the mall, and as you can see, more disappointment. The Apple store is closed for refurbishment. Darn. So we headed home instead, where we hung around, and had take-out Indian food-well, not Quinn, he had taquitos.
This is Quinn, stalling for bedtime.

Word of the Day: Thunder. I woke up at 8 am, and it was thundering outside, and rather loudly too! We don't usually get much in the way of thunderstorms in CA. It was quite surprising, as yesterday was so freakin' hot. I liked it. It was enjoyable, but I went back to sleep. It's Saturday, after all.

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