Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh My Aching Back!

Well, I spent Labor Day appropriately. I labored all day long-and NO, I did NOT have a baby! I cleaned out Riley's room. I swear I do this all the time. He's a shover. He shoves things all over the place. I almost had his room clean, and then I got the bright idea to move his bed away from the wall, you know, so I could get the "few" items that fell back there. OMG! What a MESS! I have never seen so much stuff-most of it dirty clothes! Ew. There were books, balls, stuffed animals (those things multiply), trash (he has a trash can too), socks, undies (those may actually be clean), and miscellaneous toys. I was too mad to take a picture of it. Anyway, I achieved my goal, and the room is clean and cleaned out. You should see the back of my car! I am taking stuff to school to sell in my class store (yes, I do plan to pawn it off on my unsuspecting students' parents), and I think I will donate some things to the kindergarten classes-not that they could play with them, what with there being 30 of them this year in a class! It looks good though, take a look...
Look! He can actually WORK at his desk! The drawers are cleaned out too!
He usually makes his bed, but the shelves don't usually look this tidy.
He can find the book(s) he's looking for now.
Here's the shelf, and orange boxes, we got Riley at Ikea, the other night. The boxes were a pain in the fingers to put together. Each corner took 6 little screws/bolts to join it together. Do Swedish people have tiny fingers? Those screws/bolts sure were teeny!

Cuteness. Matilda inherited the box from Riley's shelf. She slept there for hours today.

Word of the Day: Ooooops! Major construction is being done to the Bay Bridge. It's really not earthquake safe, so they are building a new bridge. The new bridge (being built next to the current one) won't be ready for another couple of years. We are hoping the earth won't rock and roll before it's finished. Anyway, the bridge was closed this weekend so that they could move a portion of the new part to the old part, or something like that. Anyway, it was closed and while it was closed they found a crack in the regular (old) part of the bridge, soooooo, long story short (too late), the bridge can't open tomorrow, like planned. Bummer. So lots of people who work/school in SF are kind of screwed. The Golden Gate Bridge has been a mess all weekend, and the other bridges have had more traffic as well. It sucks. I am just glad I don't have to go that way, sorry, but I am. I have a 2 minute commute. Can't argue with that.

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