Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready Set, TEACH-Well, Almost

I am all ready for students tomorrow! I went to school today, attended a meeting, made some copies, ran back to the teacher supply for a magnetic pocket chart (it's small, so I am going to order a big one too), went to lunch, put things away, wrote out name tags, and signed up for my adjunct duty. Adjunct duty is a requirement in our district. As if we don't already have enough to do, we are required to sign up for 40 additional hours of school related work. This may be achieved by being on committees, running basketball, extra yard duty etc. So, a busy day, but I am ready. I am just missing students. They come tomorrow.
I have a name tag too!
My nice, clean desk, and a blank calendar-for now.
Back part of the classroom.
Front of the classroom.

My "easy" button. When you push it, it says, "That was easy." You've got to love Staples.

Word of the Day: Craziness. As if school wasn't crazy enough, I came home to more craziness. Riley had a consult with the orthodontist. They did impressions, and then we discussed what is to happen with his teeth. It's crazy. His lower jaw is growing at a much faster rate than his upper jaw. The orthodontist is going to try and increase the size of his upper jaw, by adding a spacer, and a few braces across the top teeth. Adding to the problem is that his teeth are large, so they are crowded. He's already had 4 baby teeth pulled, and has to have two more baby teeth pulled. PLUS, he has an extra front tooth-and it's growing up toward his NOSE. We were looking at that when the ortho noticed that he may have ANOTHER extra tooth growing on the bottom! The top extra one for sure has to come out, and we need an oral surgeon for that. Good news is that the oral surgeon will pull that extra one, and the two baby teeth at the same time, and Riley will be asleep! Trust me, everyone will want Riley to sleep through this procedure. So we get home from that appointment, and then I had to go back out for some folders for my class, and grocery shopping. Then back home, unpack groceries, get boys in the shower, check THEIR school supplies for tomorrow, supervise them making their own lunches for tomorrow (have I told you how I hate to make lunches?), and soon they are heading to bed. I still have some planning to do, and a letter to write to my new parents. Oh my gosh. I better get off of this computer! Wish me luck! I am super excited!


Anonymous said...

I hate to make lunches too... ALL Ava wants to eat is pb & j... its so boring.. We used to make sandwiches on Sunday nights then all we had to do was put the lunch together & in the lunchbox..but.. the sandwiches got too hard in the fridge..sheesh..

Raquel Rivera Shank said...

hope you got a good adjunct. what is it?