Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween for One

Happy Friday, everyone! I made a Target run today, with Quinn, after school. I was out of Giant Nerds, so I had to go and stock up. After looking at the toys, we cruised through the Halloween stuff. Quinn found his Halloween costume. I got my Nerds. We got Riley the 2nd book to 100 Cupboards, and of course we got a bunch of other stuff.
Here's Quinn as Boba Fett. He wants to play with it. Hoping it lasts until Halloween. He looks cute in it though. Can you see his face inside the helmet? It makes his head look huge, like a bobble head. Funny.

I got some Kisses in addition to my Nerds. The pumpkin spice Kisses are really quite tasty. I would skip the candy corn ones though. Yuck.

Word of the Day: Chinese. We ordered Chinese food tonight. There's a new place by us that delivers. We figure it's time the boys expanded their taste palettes. Riley liked the chicken chow mein and the potstickers. Quinn liked the chicken from the chow mein, but not the noodles, or the potsticker, or the lemon chicken, or the cashew chicken, or the rice. Oh, but he enjoyed one bite of his fortune cookie. Riley had the best fortune of the night: Show an attitude of gratitude.

Oh, and I've been told that the boys' school improved by 39 points, not 31.

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Anonymous said...

We order chinese every Sunday...The asian place by us also does Thai & Japanese so we can order sushi too. Ava will eat edamame and wonton soup. She has started eating fried rice & lo mein. Baby steps... :)