Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday in the House

We spent the whole day cleaning. I cleaned the house, did laundry, and the boys had to clean their rooms. I couldn't even walk into their rooms, because of the Legos on the floor of Riley's room, and the Galactic Heroes and Playmobil on the floor in Quinn's room. I decided that they have WAYYYYY too much stuff. I cleaned out Quinn's closet-didn't I do that in the summer? I am getting rid of lots of old toys. He only really plays with his Galactic Heroes, Playmobil, Legos, Pokemon cards, and his "disguises." I am taking lots of stuff to school, for use in my classroom. I will get into Riley's room on Monday, as we have fun plans for tomorrow.
We made a trip to Ikea tonight, to get Riley a shelf that he can use to store his Legos. It's cute. It has four cubbies. I bought orange boxes for the cubbies-these will hold Legos. I will get into his closet on Monday. So this is Quinn with one of those travel pillows. He's pretending to be a baby.
I ordered these from Etsy. They are vinyl wall clings. I haven't figured out where to put them yet. They are black. I'm thinking I want them in my entry way. Photos to follow, when I figure it out.

I also got these postcards from Etsy. Aren't they cool? We are going to have a challenging school year this year, with all of the budget cuts and everything. I thought these postcards were very fitting, and a good motto for us to follow.

Word of the Day: Weekend. It's great to have a weekend, but I have so much stuff to do for school this weekend. I am hoping to fit it all in, what with the closet cleaning going on now. Wish me luck.

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