Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dentist and Scouts

I am in the middle of my super busy week. Today it was dentist and scouts. Riley had his consult appointment with the oral surgeon. Remember that he has that extra tooth? It's on top, growing above his front two teeth, but it's growing toward his nose. It has to come out, along with the two last baby teeth. Because of the extra tooth, he'll be ASLEEP when they remove it. The dentist will make an incision on the roof of his mouth (yuck), and dig the tooth out. I'm guessing he'll have a few stitches and then he'll have to eat soft foods. We are having the procedure done on October 2. That's a Friday. He'll miss a day of school, but then has the weekend to recover. The dentist was awesome. He walked him through the whole procedure. He was not in favor of giving Riley any valium. Apparently, he couldn't hear him through the wall the last time Riley had regular (non extra) teeth pulled. His office is right next door to our regular dentists' office. Anyway, Riley is nervous, but I think he will be fine. Kevin will go with me this time-it may take two of us to get Riley into the car afterward-he may be woozy from the meds. Plus, if the screaming starts, Kevin can witness the loveliness this time. No, he'll be fine. He's a whole year older. Piece of cake. Riley did ask if he'll be able to eat a cheese burger or a bean burrito when it was over. Um, we'll see.
Riley, looking calm, waiting to see the oral surgeon. Check out what he's reading. It's one of those books that dentists and doctors leave out, but nobody reads the inside of, well, except for Riley. He was engrossed in it.

Quinn had his first den meeting of the scout season tonight. Look at that face! Honestly, there's no such thing as a regular, smiling face from this boy. Always posed and thought out.

Word of the Day: Bono. I am still irritated that U2 seems to be skipping the entire Bay Area on their 360 degree tour. LA is all sold out, as is Las Vegas. I was hoping they would add SF in, but so far, they have not. I am still hoping though. Oh, and Quinn came out tonight and showed me the Bono he made out of Playmobil. I'll try for a picture tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Those boys are so cute!! They seem like they have such different they?? Quinn seems like a goofball..I think he & my Ava would get along like peas in a pod!!!