Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Saturday

Another Saturday has come and gone. I was also able to do a little shopping on my own today, and I went to a rubber stamp show-a rather lame rubber stamp show. I did walk away with some cool bird stamps, and some Alice in Wonderland playing cards though. Riley spent the evening at the Scout House, introducing Webelos to Boy Scouts. Quinn hung around the house, missing his brother. The three of us headed to our horrible, sucky mall, in the evening.
We visited the Halloween Super Store-taking up residence in the first dead Mervyn's. Quinn is supposed to look scared here. I think he just looks stoned. And for the record, I have absolutely NO idea about drugs other than I can recognize the smell (who can't?). Everything I learned about drugs, I learned from movies, so as you can tell, I am well-versed.
Quinn really is kind of frightened in this picture. He did not want to stand close to these babies. These babies were creepy. Really creepy. That one behind the fence, with his hands up, is "Jugular Jimmy." I kid you not. Find a Halloween Super Store and check it out for yourself if you don't believe me.
On to less creepy things. I got this bag at Nordstrom Rack today. It's "The Sak." I don't think it was supposed to come with two crocheted flowers, but this was the one I chose, and it had two on it, and the sales lady didn't make me take on off, so I am a winner.

I got new shoes too! Dorothy, don't hate.

Word of the Day: Warmish. It was very warm again today, in the 90's. I am sick of heat. Supposedly it's going to be cold on Tuesday. Bring it on!!

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