Friday, September 18, 2009

Typical Friday?

Ahhhh, Friday. It's my favorite day of the week! What an exhausting week. First full week of school-no short days, one prep, and something every day after school. I am very tired. Now, you may think a typical night in the Crossman home is just fascinating. I assure you it is not, but tonight was kind of strange.
There was cat playing. Doesn't Owen look thrilled to be "playing" with Quinn? Look how hot Quinn looks. This was this afternoon, when we arrived home (the second time-we forgot Quinn's backpack), after the b-day party. He bounced in the bounce house until sweat came off of him. Ever read any Junie B. Jones books? That's something she would say.
Here's where it gets a bit strange. There's Riley-no, that's not the strange part. Know what he's doing? SCHOOL WORK! On a FRIDAY NIGHT! Annnnnnd, he took a shower-perhaps even on his own??? He's printed out all of these pictures of things from the 1940's up to the 1980's. He's making a collage at school. I guess he is really interested in it.

And me? Well, I put Riley's new bedding on his bed, cuz that's how I roll. Oh and Kevin played some big tennis pro on the Wii-I heard the complaining.

Word of the Day: Fall. I want it to be real Fall weather. I am sick of the heat. It was nearly 100 here today. Too hot to be outside. I took my PE group inside today. We still have the air on! It's supposed to be hot for the next 4 days. UGH.

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