Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Hey, Hey Hey, It's Thursday!

Basically I have survived my busy week! There's just a b-day party tomorrow, that Quinn gets to attend-he's psyched too. Today Quinn and I had eye appointments. Usually we are there three plus hours. I get so irritated. They have these signs posted that if you don't call 24 hours ahead to cancel your appointment, you have to pay $25. Yet they don't blink an eye that you sit in their waiting room, or the inner office, for days on end. Today though, we were out in two hours and eight minutes! Of course, I had to leave my frames there, so they can send them out for the new lenses. I'm using my old glasses until they come back. They are ok. Better then nothing I suppose. Two weeks until I get them back. Quinn kept his glasses. I bought new frames for his new lenses. He only gets frames every other year. Does that make any sense to you? He's a growing child! He had outgrown these glasses, and desperately needed new frames. He tried on some glasses with thick black frames-very trendy. I thought they were so cute, but he didn't like them. I let him choose. His new ones are cute too, he made a good choice.
Not sure what kind of face Quinn was going for in this picture. He looks kind of terrified of the eye doctor. He was completely bored, but not scared. We were both happy to be out in two hours. I was just happy that I didn't have to try to track those tiny spots, on that one test. I did have to endure the puff of air. Really obnoxious. Makes my eyes water, and I jump every time.
This is a decoy. I caught Riley finishing MY Giant Nerds yesterday, so I quick whipped out the Halloween M&M's, poured them in the candy dishes, and hid my two bags of Giant Nerds. I don't want to share. They are mine.
So I ordered Riley new bedding from Pottery Barn Teen. This is it. I have a problem with it.

See this picture, from the catalog? What color do you see in that top quilt? Is that ORANGE you see???? That's what I see. That's why I bought orange boxes for Riley's room. Now flip back to the bedding picture...go ahead, I'll wait.....That's RED isn't it??? Grrrrrr. Riley likes the bedding, so we are keeping it, but I am so anal, I have to now get red boxes for his new shelf. The orange will bug me in there. I like them though. I really like orange. Perhaps Quinn could use them in his room? Oh I don't know. I think I am losing my mind. Perhaps I should put it in there and then see how it all looks. Maybe it won't be so bad.

Word of the Day: Survivor. Survivor started tonight. That second Russell is awful! He's just downright mean. He's a bully. You all know how I feel about those.

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