Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Somebody Has To Wear The Pants

It just gets more exciting around here by the minute. Went to work, was quickly irritated by a parent that I have tried to communicate with three times, all three times ignored. Whatever. Carried on with my day, trying to make said parent's student smile, at least once in 19 days. Unsuccessful (again-and I AM FUNNY!). Dang. Focussed on the smiling faces of the rest of my students, but mad that I can't win this other one over. Finished out my day-helping a barfing "stranger" boy (not one of mine) to the office at recess, all the while hoping I don't get what he has. Successfully completed ALL lesson plans today-yay me!! We are rocking and rolling now! Came home to fetch Riley. It seems he's growing. Right out of his pants. We made a trip to Old Navy for new, bigger, jeans. I can't stand all of the different fits. Drives me nuts: boot cut, classic, loose, painters, husky, slim etc. Just make some jeans for boys ok? We settled on 3 pair of jeans and a pair of camo pants. Are you not floored by the excitement? Wait...here is the picture of the pants!!
Nice huh? The roadwork Gods are against me though. When we got to Old Navy, I thought I would park between ON and Kohl's, and we could check out their sale. Not in the cards. The entire Kohl's parking area, and part of the ON parking area (near PF Changs) was all closed off for repaving. This is a relatively new shopping complex. Not sure why they needed to repave it so soon. Whatever. There's construction all over Fremont right now. It's making me crazy, or am I already crazy?
Wish I were here.

Or here. I will be here in November. Sad that we can't work out a teeny trip this month for the Halloween decorations.

Word of the Day: Grumpy. Sorry. I am. I'm so tired. Work is very overwhelming these days. Never thought I would miss or need my prep so much, but I do. I really really do. Drowning. Feeling so frustrated that I can't figure out the one student (or his parents for that matter, although they are less important). I want him to be happy at school. I will keep trying. I will make that child smile, and he will speak to me too! I know I can. I know I can. Tomorrow will be better, it's Wednesday!

Good news though! Only 17 more days until THIS.

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