Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost the Weekend Again

I feel like I have finally found my rhythm at school, and now the weeks are going fast-also a plus is the busyness of our school day. Busyness=a speedy day. This not having prep, as sucky as it is, has made me not procrastinate anything. I HAVE to plan ahead, especially to be able to get onto a copy machine. I am completely planned, and copied, for next week, and most of the following week is planned (not copied-yet). I even have my sub plans done for Wednesday, for Riley's surgical tooth removal. Go Me!
When I arrived home from school, these baskets were waiting for me. Aren't they so cute? I love them! I want to make a million just like them.

Closer view. It's a repurposed wool clothing item, with fabric flowers. I ordered them HERE.

Word of the Day: Repaired. This is so funny. Today, as my students got ready for lunch, I overheard one of my boys telling his table-mates that he wanted to be "repaired for lunch." I had to hide my laughter. I think he meant prepared. I should have told him that, but it was just too cute to correct. It's like Quinn calling Mount Rushmore, "Mount Mushroom." Hysterical. It made my day. Know what else made my day? I got a smile, not a huge smile, but just the smallest of grins. It was during our math game time. It was great. It's progress. I told you I would get him. Slowly, but surely. A smile. First one. Made my day.

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Anonymous said...

AHHH..Ava says "nimuts" instead of minutes and she's say "I want to do with about you" instead of without you... it's so freaking cute..I love it :)