Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Time-Disneyland

Here are some pictures of my special trip to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure (DCA), for Halloween Time. It was awesome. I love the Halloween decorations, and the Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy was really really fun. The windows on Main Street, in Disneyland, were truly amazing. They always are, but I LOVED the Halloween things. All kinds of vintage looking items. I would love to know how they acquired all of the Halloween items. They are so very cool. It was really really hot yesterday-almost 90 degrees-but we got through it. Lots of airconditioned places in both parks. I am hoping that it won't be hot when we go in November.
Minnie greeted us at the main gate. Donald was there, and Goofy, and of course, Mickey Mouse, but he was in the middle, and we entered at one of the sides. Too many people to fight for a picture, so I chose not to.
The Haunted Mansion is themed for Nightmare Before Christmas every year. I actually prefer it this way. There's so much more to look at, and I really like that movie, and the characters. It will still be up when we are there in November, as it ties in both holidays!
Jack Skellington, greeting us at the gate to the Haunted Mansion.
I love this big Mickey pumpkin head! Of course, people were hogging it all day, and we couldn't get all that close to it. I was content to have this picture of it, instead of one of me with it.

The decorations on all of the lamp posts down Main Street. Pretty huh?

Word of the Day: Home. We got home really quickly today-by 2:15 pm. I still can't figure out why it took us so long to get there on Friday. I guess the traffic was worse than I thought it was.

If you want to see more of my Halloween Time pictures, GO HERE.

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