Monday, October 12, 2009

Nerds, Oh Yummy Nerds

Typical, busy Monday. We are all getting ready for the skies to open up tomorrow. A big storm is expected. I told my class that it was going to rain all day and that they should bring their "regular selves," not imposters. It should be pretty interesting.

Look what I found! Little individual bags of Giant Chewy Nerds, for our Trick-or-Treaters! 50 bags! Isn't that so cool? Guess where I got them? Go on...guess. Give up? Target? YES Target! And you are surprised by this? The best news though is that I get to eat the leftovers!

Word of the Day: Soft. I finished up my soft food shopping. Riley has his surgery on Wed. morning. I think he's pretty nervous. He keeps asking the same questions-perhaps to make sure I don't change my answers on him. Anyway, we are stocked with soft food for him to eat. At this point, he and I both want this over with.

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