Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Riley is off camping, with the scouts. I heard Kevin's alarm at 5:27 am, got up long enough to say goodbye to Riley, and then headed back to bed. Kevin was back home and in bed at 6:05! Once we got up for the day, we spent the morning trying to find our cat, Salem. He's old. 14 years old. We are thinking he may have wandered off to die someplace. It's sad. We just don't know what happened. We saw him Tuesday, but not since then. Not sure if he wandered off and lost his way-that has happened before, and he was gone a week that time. Kevin and Quinn checked the neighbors' houses-both sides, and behind us as well. Nothing. We went to the animal shelter to check there. Nothing but really sad dogs, and LOTS of kittens. That place is so sad. We are thinking about getting a dog in December, and we will definitely get a shelter dog. We don't have time for a puppy, and there are so many dogs out there that need to be rescued. Quinn refused to go in and look at the dogs. The last time it was upsetting to him-and loud. After the shelter, we headed to Santa Cruz.
We stopped for lunch at the Santa Cruz Diner. It was pretty good. Then we spent some time wandering around downtown. The Urban Outfitters downtown had the best display for Where the Wild Things Are. Finally, we headed to a pumpkin patch. Quinn did feel like going after all, and he only asked once when Riley would be back. This little pumpkin patch was on a corner of a busy street, but it was pretty cool.
We decided to drive down Highway 1, to visit another pumpkin patch. This one is right off of Highway 1, and you can see the ocean. See it? It was pretty foggy, and downright COLD out there. We didn't buy any pumpkins here as it was just too cold to try and find one. They had a lot of them though! Nice place.

Awww. My little pumpkin.

Lots and lots of pumpkins, really big pumpkins.

Word of the Day: Fall. The crisp weather in Santa Cruz is a great reminder that Fall is in the air. I am ready to wear my long sleeves now, so anytime this heat wants to leave, is fine by me.

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Anonymous said...

Aww..I hope you find Salem..14 is actually not that old for a kitty..we treat cats that are 18+ at my place.. they can live a long time..maybe he just needed to run away for a bit? I'm glad you decided to go w/ a shelter dog..puppies are a lot of work :)