Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Much Here But Rain and an Earthquake

It rained all day long today. All day. It's the first storm of the season, and apparently, it's early in the season. It was pretty miserable. Rain and wind=wet almost all day long. My students actually handled the day quite well. We were inside together, all day. They didn't freak out, and we stayed busy. What was really irritating though is the parking lot in the morning. Since it was raining, our student traffic patrol was not on duty. I guess this fact gives the parents the right to do whatever the hell they want to. I had to weave through the parents dropping their kids off in the second parking lot-parents are not allowed in the parking lots, as there's a drop off zone. So I finally am able to park in my parking spot, and I get to my classroom. We had to go to the MUR to pick up our classes. Not a huge problem right? Wrong! It should have been easy if it weren't for the millions of parents (and their umbrellas) lingering outside the MUR, waiting for their kids to go to class. I had to weave through the mob to even retrieve my students, then weave past them again on our way out. Needless to say, we were all soaked. It was a crazy day.

I got this tree at a store in Niles, the other day. It looks sort of lonely now. I am going to jazzy it up a bit. I bought some things to put on it, but the spray adhesive I bought at Michael's did not come with a spray nozzle. Shoot. I have to take it back.

Word of the Day: Frustration. So Riley's BIG tooth removal appointment is tomorrow. Some time between 10:15am and noon, the dentist's office called and left a message. I started to listen to it, thinking they were just calling to remind me of the appointment, so imagine my surprise when she says, "Dr. ___ has jury duty, so we have to reschedule." I said a not so nice four letter word-don't worry, it was my lunch 45, so no kids suffered from my "F" bomb. I couldn't believe it! One of my colleagues pointed out that he should have known about the summons for several weeks, and why would he schedule an appointment, especially surgical, during that time? I was pissed, so...I called them up. I pointed out to the friendly secretary that not only was this the 2nd time they were canceling on me, but I had also arranged for a substitute, which could not be canceled at this late time. I also expressed how nervous Riley is about this procedure, and that we are on a pretty firm timeline (which I explained to them when we made the first appt. they canceled), for the orthodontics appointments we already have scheduled (4 of them). I also told her I was pissed. She went to talk to the dentist. He gets on the phone. He's really sorry. Court is messing him up. Blah blah blah. I expressed all of my concerns to him, so he asks if we can come in earlier. 7 am. Done. Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done.

Oh, and we had an earthquake tonight. 3.8 centered near Sunol. It was a quick little jolt, but so close to the 20 year anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, I was really nervous.

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