Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Book and A Travel Plan

My Amazon order arrived today. I ordered some books-a jewelry book, an applique book, an Oprah bookclub book, and this really cute Felties book, which I saw here.
The projects are tiny. I got the book because of that matryoshka on the front. I love those things!
I plan on making this sweet little mushroom, oh and also a Chihuahua, for Quinn. He hearts them.

Oh, and I am going here on October 17. I have a friend from school who is escaping with me. Fun fun fun! Halloween here we come!

Word of the Day: Forgot. Riley forgot his house key and phone today. He was smart though. He called me from the school office (which always gives me a heart attack when I see a call from their school), before heading home, to tell me he didn't have a key or his phone. Luckily, we have early out Wednesdays. I was at Safeway, so I quick finished up, and went home to let him into the house. Mom saves the day...again.

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