Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Halloween Time Around Here!

Can you feel the excitement? Halloween is near! I know my boys are pretty excited, and the kids at school are super excited. Just two more days! I had a lot to do tonight to get ready. The boys' school is allowing costumes, and Riley's class is having an "observance," with-gasp-FOOD! I made treat bags for my class and Quinn's, and a snack for Riley's class.
Here are all of the treats for my class and Quinn's.
Quinn's class: stickers, rings, erasers, spiders, skeletons, but no food.
My class' treats: stickers, erasers, rings, spiders, and no food.
I made these "hamburgers" for Riley's 6th grade class.

Closer look: Nilla Wafers (buns), Keebler Grasshoppers (meat), green dyed coconut (lettuce), red frosting (ketchup) and yellow frosting (mustard). Super easy to do.

Word of the Day: Nice. It was a little chilly today, but the wind is gone. Thank goodness. It's so much easier to deal with things when the wind isn't blowing you over.


Valerie said...

Love the burgers!! I will have to make those sometime!

Sheri said...

I love the burgers also! What a great idea!