Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Time-Disneyland 2009

The following pictures are from Disney's California Adventure park, the current home of the world's largest candy corn! Oh and some pretty kick-ass rides.
World's Largets Candy Corn. Yum-no wait, I don't particularly care for these. Kevin loves them. I can eat a few and then they are gross. Oh, by the way, don't buy the candy corn kisses on your next Target trip. They are super yucky.
So terribly cute! Candy Corn Carrots! There was also Candy Corn corn, cactus, and other assorted veggies. Fun.
I am sure the city of San Francisco would love to decorate the Golden Gate Bridge like this, but alas, it's just too big. This is not the real bridge. This one's in DCA.

This is a picture of our picture from Tower of Terror. See us at the front? I am on the far left, holding on for dear life. Next to me is Roberta-my roomie for the weekend, and next to her is Tamara and Sarah. We work with Sarah-or we DID until she took the district math coach job. We met up with them. The rest of the people are complete strangers. This ride is totally fun.

Word of the Day: Forgot. I forgot to update my blog last night, Saturday, so think of this as my Saturday post. I was doggone tired.

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