Sunday, January 10, 2010

And This Concludes the Weekend

Ah, another Sunday. The end of a weekend, and the start of a busy week. Oh how I love/hate them. Ours was busy-ish. Maya had puppy school this morning. We worked on sitting, and the "come" command. We also worked on a down position, for taking treats. Maya did not get that one. After puppy school Riley and Kevin took off to pass out fliers in an area of Fremont. They were gone FOREVER. It's what happens when the other boys don't show up to help, and it's left up to 7 kids. I'm beginning to get annoyed with scout families that don't show up for anything, leaving the work for the boys who show up for everything. It happens in both of our troops. It's not such a big deal in cub scouts, but in boy scouts, they are earning money for the troop, so the work of a few benefits ALL. See my thinking? It's annoying. It's really the same at school too. There are the same parents who do everything, and everyone else just coasts along. Anyway, after being gone nearly four hours, we let Riley pick the restaurant for dinner. He chose well, Chili's. I do love their buffalo chicken salad. While enjoying his french fries, Riley lost his loose tooth. Yay! That thing has been hanging there forever. He's very happy to have a tooth fairy visit tonight, since the tooth fairy has been visiting Quinn a lot lately.
I started my new "World's Smallest 1,000 Piece Puzzle." Riley asked why it was called that, since the first one I built was also called "World's Smallest 1,000 Piece Puzzle." His reasoning being, there should be only one. I can see that. I told him it was like the movie Elf, and the "World's Best Cup of Coffee." "Congratulations! You did it!"

I made two lasagnas tonight. The secretary at school had knee surgery. My grade level friends, and I, are providing her and her husband with meals. I haven't made a lasagna in forever. It has too many carbs and calories. Kevin really likes it, so I made one for us as well. I'll just have a little. Actually, I think it's the one meal that all four of us will eat. Even Mr. I-don't-eat-anything, will eat it...I think...I hope.

I watched "Brace For Impact" tonight on TLC. It's a documentary about flight 1549, the one Captain Sully landed in the Hudson River. It was really interesting. That guy is amazing.

If I were still doing the Word of the Day, my word today would be forever. I said it many times this post.

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Rachel Ann said...

I hate your puzzle posts because I love puzzles and haven't had a chance to do any recently. =)