Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glitter and Beads

I don't have anything clever to say in this post. It was a fairly normal, rather boring day. I went to work. Kevin went to work. The boys went to school. I stopped at the crap mall (that's just my name for our horrible mall) after school and had a yummy yogurt-a place called Orange Tree. I think that's my new favorite treat. I went to Target at the crap mall. It was uneventful. I walked away with nothing, which is a little unfortunate, because my dad's birthday is tomorrow, and I really need to find a gift in time for his party on Saturday. I picked up Quinn. I played with a really cute dog. I went to my PTA meeting (did I ever mention that I am the Parliamentarian at the boys' school?) It was a nice, short meeting. Nobody comes to the meetings. It's like I was saying the other day. It's the same people that do everything all the time. The most exciting part of the day though is right now. I am watching the auditions for American Idol. I love these!
I did manage to string this necklace today. I bought the colorful beads at the BABE show in November, and the matryoshka pendant from etsy. I can't decide if I like this cording or not. I'll wear it awhile and see.
As promised, here are a couple of the winter scenes the kids did at school. Can you see the glitter? It didn't fall off, so using glue was a good call. Yay me!

Look at the colors of these two! I especially love this bottom one. The creator of this one is quite a drawer.

I am addicted to Words with Friends on my iPhone. If you have it, and you want to play, my name is Juliebeane.

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