Thursday, January 28, 2010

TGI Thursday!

Today was the last of my super busy days, for this week at least. At school, we went on a field trip. We went to the Fremont Peace Pavilion. We go every year. It's within walking distance from our school, and it's a really good trip. There are five rooms, and a host of volunteers. They split the kids up into groups and then the kids go off to visit each of the five rooms. All of the rooms have activities in them pertaining to the concept of "peace." It's really great. They go home with a bunch of stuff too! I had 6 parent volunteers! It was awesome!
I can't show you my students, but trust me when I say, they are cute. I took this picture in one of the rooms at the Peace Pavilion, because it is symbolic of my students. I have kids from all over the world. I like it.
After school, I went to my union meeting. Things are heating up now, due to proposed budget cuts. I was there until 5:30 pm. It's held at the boys' school, so at 5, I called for Quinn. He ate cookies while I hung around for awhile more. I wanted to hear people's comments, but they hadn't even finished the regular business items. We went home after that, but for just awhile, and then it was off to pizza for Quinn's baseball team meeting. Looks like a great group this season on the Hot Rods. One super obnoxious kid, but the rest are great. The coach is really organized, and excited to help the boys. I volunteered to be the team mom.
Quinn finished his book for the Young Author contest. He is so proud of it. We had to put it right in his backpack, and he asked me a jillion times if I put in the entry form page, and did I paperclip it to the title page? Because THAT'S where it's supposed to go.
Here's a closer look at his cover. Quinn loves Kirby so much.

Here's an inside page. This is my favorite picture.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I am so excited for the weekend. No plans, but even that's exciting. I am just so tired.

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