Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raindrops Keep Falling and Falling and Falling on My Head

More rain. While it didn't rain as hard as it did yesterday, it rained continuously today. At least I got to wear my new rain boots! It looks like I can wear them again tomorrow, if California does not float away.
My new rain boots. I wore them on Riley's field trip today, and they did their job. My feet and pants were dry. We went to see The Music Man. It was a pretty good production. Lots of kids in the show. It's really not a great show for kids though, in that it is from an era that they just don't understand, and I am not sure they really understood the whole con man thing. They were fidgety-especially through the "love" parts, and the slower songs. I think some of the dialogue was confusing to them too, and the actors were not great enunciators, so it was hard to understand. The main character (the Music Man) is a past Brookvale student, so I think the kids really liked that. He did a great job.

I am working on a cross stitch. It's a matryoshka. I just love them! I really love that big one on the cover, but she's made of felt. I am thinking of trying to copy it-that pattern was not included.

Tomorrow is Friday!

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