Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Game Night and an Earthquake

Tonight was Family Game Night. It was an activity that Riley had to plan for us. He wanted us to play a game, eat Cheez-its, and drink water. We played Monopoly City, which Riley got for Christmas. It's a really, really long game, but which Monopoly game isn't? It was ok. Riley is no Donald Trump. He made a bad 13 million dollar investment, and then couldn't pay the 6 million dollar rent he owed. He had to mortgage some of his properties to pay, got upset because he had just purchased a stadium, and couldn't pay the next rent he owed so we ended the game. Perhaps banking is not in his future, and he would be horrible on a committee trying to get a new stadium-49ers beware.
Here's a glimpse of the game board. You buy districts, and if you buy all of them of the same color, you can put a skyscraper in your district, which drives up the rent. You can place hazards on people's properties as well, to mess them up. It is an interesting game, but very long, and you deal with really large sums of money.

Riley and Quinn and their Cheez-its. I had a Diet Cherry Pepsi, instead of the water. We all had pizza. Quinn ate three pieces, which is a HUGE amount for him.

We had ANOTHER earthquake today. I didn't feel it. It was 3.8 in the SAME PLACE as yesterday's (and the one on Wednesday night as well). I don't know. It makes me nervous. We will check our earthquake kit tomorrow. Oh, and on a completely different note...Maya ate her first shoe today. One of mine. One of my Keen shoes. If I were a pirate, missing my right foot, it would be perfect. BUT...I am not, sadly. She ate right through the strap. How sad. RIP little black shoe. RIP.