Saturday, January 23, 2010

In The Mail Today

It only sort of rained today. Not a lot, just a few drops. I spent most of the day in the car, looking for Quinn's birthday present. He wants a Playmobil Sphinx. It was on his Amazon wish list, but it's going up in price, and I didn't want to pay shipping. Toys r Us had them at Christmas, but they are completely sold out online and in store. I found one today, at a little toy store in Palo Alto. He's going to be so happy. It was also a really good mail day!
I got a birthday present in the mail, from my friend Terri, in Ohio. It's a Mickey Mouse hat! Cute huh? It's got "Mickey" written on the back, in sparkly letters. She also sent along some chocolate for the boys. Aren't these initial chocolates cute?

I also ordered three new patterns, from Heather Bailey. I may try and make the elephant tomorrow. They are little pin cushions. Cute huh?

We saw glimpses of the sun today. It was nice.

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