Monday, January 11, 2010

A Little Bit Crafty at Home and School

I was kinda crafty at school and home today! School was weird today though. The kids were off-really, really chatty. I hope that doesn't mean there's going to be an earthquake (another one). One hysterical thing happened though. I gave my students the comprehension test for our Unit 2 in Reading-that's not the hysterical part. When I collected the test booklets, my para noticed that one of my students signed their name as "Mr. 8 Year Old." We laughed and laughed. We knew who it was, because he had a birthday last week (same day as mine), and he's been very excited about his birthday ever since. When we stopped laughing, we had him add his given name. You have to love 2nd graders, even if they are chatty.
Here's the bracelet I made, with my paper beads. I like the beads a lot. I have some blue ones finished, and a couple of black ones as well. They are so fun to make. Go. Now. Go get yourself that book. ORRRR, pop on over to Amazon and purchase it from your couch.

The kids made winter scenes in class today. These are not those. These are the ripped snowmen the kids made last week. Aren't they cute? I will post pictures of their winter scenes tomorrow. They were still wet and glittery. Yes, I was brave and we used glitter. It's all over the place. I can see it on my nose too. Drives me nuts. Oh well, they are pretty cute, so it was worth it-that is if the glitter stuck to my paint/glue combo.