Monday, January 18, 2010

What Didn't I Get Done Today?

A bonus day off! I was quite productive, I have to say. I did laundry. I put away all of my already washed fabrics. I washed some new fabric and put it away. I cleaned my sewing area. I reorganized some boxes. I watched some TV. I farmed my farm. I was on the computer. I played with a dog...I was home all day. It was great. I am all about the stay home days. I love them. Next month we get a four day weekend! Looking forward to that!
It did rain today! Pretty much all day long too. We need it.
I got Riley's blanket cut out for him. I have some material for one for Maya as well-in girlish colors, but I'm not ready to make it yet. The big blankets are a lot to get ready. At least I didn't have to tie this one.
Riley tied his entire blanket.
I finished my puzzle, and started my new one.

I made a necklace. See? I told you I was productive. Tomorrow it's back to work. I have a short week though. I am out on Thursday, on a field trip with Riley's class. We are going to see Music Man at the Junior College.

The Olympics start in 25 days!

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