Friday, January 15, 2010

Target Gift Cards!

Happy President's weekend, everyone! I am really excited about the weekend. We don't have any plans, but that is fine with me. Perhaps I can do some sewing!
I had a little over $100 in Target gift cards, from Christmas and my birthday, so when we went to Target this evening, I got myself the Wii Fit Plus! Whoo hooo! I am looking forward to trying it out, hopefully tomorrow.

It was not a great week. There are many stresses at school these days, none of which have anything to do with students, but EVERYTHING to do with school district politics. Let's just say I am DONE. We went to Red Robin tonight for dinner, and I had their Ultimate Margarita. it wasn't very ultimate though, and I wish I had just gotten a frozen yogurt from someplace. Oh well, at least the glass was pretty.

There are 28 days until the Winter Olympics! I am really excited for them to start. I LOVE the Olympics!

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