Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mouse Day

I hope you have already eaten. Gross alert. So I came home from school today, and Quinn said Owen had caught a bird, but when we went outside to look, it was a mouse. He left it just outside of the slider for us. We were looking at it when Owen promptly threw up. Back inside to wait for Kevin to clean that stuff up. Ick! So Kevin comes home. I tell him about the mouse and the barf. He asks if I cleaned it up. Ha. I told him there was no way I was touching that. I feel like I could leave that as I have cleaned up plenty of doggie poop, when this little dog misses. Kevin cleaned both areas up, which is good, because any distraction outside, keeps Maya from doing her business. I didn't want her eating anymore barf, or a mouse. Fast forward to about an hour later. I take Maya outside to potty, and what do I find? ANOTHER mouse. This one was really, really disgusting. It's no wonder that Owen is barfing. Sick. I did take a picture of the first dead mouse, but it blurred. That one looked kinda peaceful, like the sleeping zebra at Disneyland.
Anyway, I cooked tonight too! It wasn't all about a mouse. There was some chicken this evening as well. I made a sort of stir fry: veggies and chicken, over rice.
My para got the winter scenes on the wall. Aren't they cute and colorful?

I'm very happy with how they turned out.

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cookiedog said...

Mice- Yech! Cute little dogs, chilly winter scenes, and husbands taking care of gross stuff- Sweet!