Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Around The House

A lazy Sunday. We had puppy school this morning, but that is all we did. We were home for the rest of the day. Puppy school went well. Maya remains a star student. She can sit and she can even stay, although she looks at you with her head sideways, all sad looking and stuff. The other dogs bounce around. When we left Pet Smart (where the puppy classes are held), we saw the remains of a pretty bad car accident. The Pet Smart is on a corner, and the street behind it curves around. If someone is going too fast, it's easy to lose control. Someone must have, and they hit a tree, and flipped over. We walked over to look at the clean up. They had already taken the driver away. One of the officers yelled over to the boys that they should always wear their seatbelts. We agreed, and added that they watch their speed as well. I think they were pretty impressed that the car was upside down. I'm not sure how badly people were hurt. I hope they were fine, but learned a good lesson.
I finished my third "World's Smallest 1,000 Piece Puzzle." Boy, I sure enjoy that name. I am having puzzle withdrawls, so perhaps I will make another run to Michael's.
I gathered my supplies for my Heather Bailey elephant pincushion.
I cut all of the teeny pieces out. Perhaps I'll get a chance to work on the sewing part this week-HA, fat chance of that! I have a really busy week. Meetings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Scout things Monday and Friday, Quinn's baseball parent meeting Thursday. Crazy. Oh and BOTH boys have to write a book for the Young Author's contest-due Friday. Quinn's rough draft is done. We just need to help him edit it, and type it. I am hoping Riley is making as much progress on his book.
I made these today too. I am going to put them in my Etsy shop.

Arden, dressed for winter.

Quinn is on the Hot Rods this season for baseball-we can't wait to see what the uniform is like. He's not with any of his friends, so he's a little disappointed. It seems three of the coaches from last year's team took coaching jobs this season, so everyone was split up. It was a fun group last year, and we'll miss that, plus the extra help in getting to and from practices. Kevin and I are happy with the coach though. He's a good guy, and organized. There are only four teams in their division. Very soon it will be even crazier around here.

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