Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What A Wednesday!

What a DAY! Busy at school. We have a field trip tomorrow (oh yay. I can hardly wait. yippee.), so I had to squish in the Thursday stuff today and still have some to do on Friday. We were busy all day. After school, I met with some teachers to read the Young Author books, a book writing contest our district conducts. When that was finished, I left school and went to my Math Council Meeting. I know this is just juicy juicy stuff. I was there until 5 and then headed over to the City Council chambers, for the school board meeting-the topic: budget cuts. I was there until a little after 7, outside of the building, in the cold. I went home after that. I have mom guilt today, big time. I didn't get to see much of the boys today, and tomorrow will only be a little easier. That's the biggest problem with working full time. Juggling life at work with life at home can be tricky. I think most days I am able to juggle it all well, and spend quality time with the boys, but days like today are maddening. They seemed none-the-worse for wear.
When I got to the council chambers, this is what the sky looked like. Beautiful. The sun actually made a pretty significant appearance today. It was foggy this morning, and then sunshiny for the rest of the day. No rain is predicted for tomorrow-very happy about that, as our field trip is a walking field trip.

Here's Riley before he went to sleep. Look at how cute Owen is being. That poor cat is feeling a bit neglected these days. That little dog won't leave him alone. She so wants to play with the cats, but they don't understand her, and they won't play back. They hit at her instead. It's funny though, because she wants to play with them, but if they go near her food, she gets annoyed. Very protective of her food. This dog LOVES to eat.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you thinking about your weekend plans?

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